Thursday, July 26, 2012

Search Engine Optimization

Good content is important for any SEO campaign and is one of the most important aspects of SEO. SEO is nothing but content marketing. The success of a website depends on the rate of traffic for that website.

Good content helps to attract users to websites.  Updating the content is also very important in attracting customers to websites. If a website has good content it leads users to go through each and every part of the site. 

If the content is easy to understand by users then the site will get a higher ranking.  Providing unique content for a website is of high priority.  If we have ‘keyword related’ content then the website has higher chances of being ranked well. 

Any website would like to have high revenues. Good content helps in creating credibility and reliability.  However, attracting users to the website is not only the main aim of SEO.  Content should regularly be updated and is one of the main reasons in increasing a website’s rank. If the site contains good content then that content can be on other sites and backlinks to the site can be made. Good content contains blogs, press releases, announcements, videos, etc.

Bounce rate

Bounce rate mainly focuses on the content of the site. It provides us with the number of users who visit our page. It is used to measure the traffic inflow to a web site.

It is measured in two ways:

  • Visits on just one page of site
  • Visit for a site for a unit time

It gives us details about the users who have visited the site but who did not stay on the page for long i.e.; who just had a look at the first page. If the user stays on a particular page for a long time then it is noted as a bounce. A bounce is registered for every 30 minutes. The Bounce rate of a page includes the no. of users who have viewed the website (unit time)/no. of users viewed site page. It also includes the number of users who have viewed a single page of a website (unit time)/no. of users for a site.

It gives us the performance of the first page. If the bounce rate for the first page is low the user can view the pages on the site. If the bounce rate is high then the page has low performance. Bounce rate can be reduced by having a perfect landing page and relevant ads. Landing page must have the information that is given in the ads. Bounce rate occurs if a back button is clicked, or a browser is closed, or a timeout is generated.


Ranking is given to a set of items. Ranking is the site’s position in search results given by the search engine.

In search engines, a ranking is given based upon the relevance to the user. Ranking can be improved by using better keywords and keyword searches, regular updation of content, having correct targeting. Besides this effectiveness, usable backlinks and relevant traffic increases ranking.


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