Friday, December 10, 2010

ASP.Net Major and Minor Project Training Institute Bhopal

ASP. Net Training Program

ASP.Net is known as web application framework which allows programmers to build web applications, web based services and dynamic websites. primarily released on January 2002 with 1.0 version and it is the descendant of ASP Technology. Programmers can write codes by using any supported .net language due to their development on web pages which are generally known as web forms are basic building blocks in application development. These web forms contains in file with .aspx extension; these files contains (X)HTML markup along with server side web controls and user controls where programmers can consign all necessarized content for the web page. It is intended for recital reimbursement over other scripting based technologies by compiling the server side code within more DLL files on web server. Although the compilation process may cause for little delay while requesting for newly edited page first time but it will not occur again once requested page is rationalized further. persuades programmers to build up applications by using an event driven GUI model more willingly than in conformist web scripting environments like PHP and ASP. Our training program includes updated feature to offer for their students. It allows anyone to start learning with basic development to advanced ones.

Eligibility Criteria:

Students from the fields of BE/BCA/MCA can be applying for this training program. Having strong knowledge about scripting languages and database would be highly preferred.

Course Duration: 

    4 Months (Major Training with live project)
    45 Days (Minor Training)

Location: Zone-1, M P.NAGAR BHOPAL (MP)

PHP Major and Minor Project Training Institute Bhopal

PHP Training Program

While talking about PHP scripting language we find that PHP have an extensive coverage of wide range of users and continual potential. It doesn’t cost any penny for the peoples living outside the era of UNIX. This language can be used as per their usage and even you will not be even charged for thousands of dollars and not even need any kind of license or support. PHP is officially known as Hyper Text Preprocessor and it is a server side scripting language typically written in HTML background. Unlike ordinary HTML pages, PHP language is phrased by PHP binary or module which is typically installed towards server side. PHP is gathering popularity due to their support for Apache and My SQL. Apache is more frequently used web browser whereas MY SQL is a powerful database and PHP have compressive set of functions effective with it. There are various certain reasons to exert with PHP. As an open source it is highly preferred by every endowed production team. In addition, this language can be run into various operating systems with the majority servers. Due to separate HTML code from scripted elements, this language takes decreased time frame with in various projects. Offered PHP training program enables learning each and every thing required to perform well with this scripting language.

Eligibility criteria:

Students from BE, BCA/MCA and other computer science streams can possess in offered PHP training programs. Students applying for this course require having some knowledge of basic languages like HTML, C, and C++ etc.

Course Duration:

    Major Training : 4 Months (Live Project Including)
    Minor training: 45 days

Location: Zone-1, MP.NAGAR BHOPAL (MP)

SEO Training Institute Bhopal | SEO Training Bhopal | Search Optimization Techniques

Search Engine Optimization Training Program

Search engine optimization is a continuous process of increasing search engine result position of any website among various search engines. An increased search engine result position drives large amount of traffic in any website. An increased traffic for any website not only enhances their visibility but it also offers specific position for your business. Term search engine optimization tells all about the working of search engines, exact search terms used within search engines and about the popularity of search engines among targeted audiences. Search engine optimization or SEO includes various on page and off page processes to generate critical output for any business. Our search engine optimization training program includes each and every nuts and bolts of this technique which helps boosting any business in online market perspective. As being involved within the optimization of various websites we have earned good reputation and we can count us as a leading search engine optimization provider among online media.

Eligibility criteria:

This course is especially intended for the students of BE-CS and IT/BCA/MCA/BSC-IT/MSC-IT/PGDCA/PGDIT which are well versed in written and spoken English. Although, the peoples having good command over computer operating, MS Office, internet surfing and written English can be also applying. Command over HTML and other web based languages will work fine towards looking good carrier in internet marketing field.

Course Duration: 45 Days

Location: Zone-1, M P. Nagar, Bhopal (MP)