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Blog Posting Service

SEO is a very broad concept and it encompasses quite a few tools and techniques and one such technique that is highly popular and effective is blog posting service. has created a special place for itself in this field with smart ways and will make your websites popular and move it up the search engine rankings in no time.

Today’s online companies are heavily dependent on. There are many ways by which this can be done and the most important concept that is in practice is the search engine optimization campaigns that many online companies keep doing regularly.

We have an enviable capability in the field of SEO tools and techniques including blog posting service. At, there is a strong belief that we are today living in an age of expression and as such finding and exploring ways and means of better expression on the internet is an effective and useful way of promoting a product and service.

Our blog posting service has been found to very useful tool in enhancing the reach of a product and service and towards this objective this organization has some of the best services for customers dealing in any product or service.

The key for a successful blog post is to have 2 Anchor texts that will increase the credibility and solve the purpose of blog posting. has the best tools and techniques to ensure that one-way links are better embedded in posts or they get featured at the end of a blog article. This will ensure prospective customers finding a link to the client’s website which will eventually lead to better sales.

Another advantage a client derives by availing the blog posting service of is that you get a chance to have their product featured in some of the best blog sites where the traffic is quite high. Hence, the chances of the clients’ product being seen are much higher when compared to many other postings offered by other such service providers. This is made possible by increasing the number of on-way links which go a long way in pushing the clients’ website very high in search rankings.


Features of our Blog Posting Service:

  • Our Writers will write well-written reviews about your website, products or services.
  • We will write 300 words unique content for each review post
  • All Review/Posts will made only in relevant blogs.
  • All blogs well be seo friendly and well index in Google.
  • You can use up to 2 Anchor Texts/Keywords in each review.
  • All blogs will be hosted at 80 C-Class IP’s.
  • Inner page promotion are allowed.

Article Submission

Article submission is a great link building tool, which uses article directories to create an extended link building campaign and ensure product and brand awareness, in the process too. is constantly working towards improving our services and creating a more satisfying experience for our customers. As a part of this, we have perfected our Article Submission services, to give you the best possible results. Our article submission service will not only benefit your link building campaign, but will also create a brand image for your website.
What is article submission?

Article Submission is a link building tool that uses articles directory to create provides one-way links. But besides this, this tool has a number of other benefits. Article submission also works as a guide to the products and services a website is trying to sell.

Most of us are aware of the article submission websites like Ezinearticles, Articlebase, suite101, etc. By submitting articles on topics related to a website, a lot of awareness can be created about it. Articles can talk about the advantages, disadvantages, uses, buying advice and other information about the website. By adding links and hyperlinks to the articles, one can use them as an excellent link building tool.

A good article submission service must follow these few points:
Well written articles: The articles should be written in excellent English and free of any grammatical errors. They should also have easy to understand language.

Informative: Many article submission websites will try to fool you by creating extremely generic articles that don’t provide any information whatsoever. But, the truth is that if you want a large number of people to read your articles, then these must have a lot of interesting information.

Search Engine Optimized: The articles must be optimized to ensure that when a visitor searches keywords related to your website, your articles appear in first few search results.

Originality: The articles must be 100% original and have new and updated information. Articles with old or copied content are often rejected by article submission websites.

But the biggest prerequisite of a successful articles submission campaign is that it should be done through a professional and high quality service. There are many article submission services out there which treat article submission like URL postings and submit badly written, generic articles to the websites. has created an Article Submission service that has all these essential features along with added advantage of our reliability and efficiency.

Let’s have a look at some of the features of Article Submission Services:
  •     We will manually submit your article to all Article Sites.
  •     Maximum 3 Anchor Texts (Links) are allowed in Author’s resource box (Author Bio)
  •     The links that you get are one way and are permanent links for your website.
  •     Gambling, Casino and dating Articles (not porno) are Allowed.
  •     Professionally written articles.
  •     Deep links Url’s are allowed in Author Bio (Any Type of Deep Links).
  •     Experience staff that has submitted over thousands of articles.
  •     Relevant submission in the right category to provide you maximum results.
  •     Search engine friendly submission.
  •     On-time delivery & highest approval rate.
  •     After completion of job you will get detailed report.
We are not some run-of-the-mill article submission service that provide 2nd grade write-ups in place of articles. We understand your requirements and only deliver the top quality and comprehensive articles. Each and every article is thoroughly proofread, and free of any errors. We submit them to top most article submission websites along with relevant tags, keywords and description.

Hiring our Article Submission Service will have the following benefits:
More targeted traffic: We will ensure that your articles are submitted to the websites which have a lot of traffic. This will draw more targeted traffic to your website.

Link Building: We will embed your websites link in the articles and description, in right quantity and at right places. These links will work as one-way links to your website. Hence, your link popularity and visibility will increase without making your articles look spammy.

Better Awareness: We will include in-depth information about the products and services you are selling on the website. This is especially useful for websites which are selling technical products like electronic products or little known products like disability rehabilitation equipment etc. as the consumers generally like to gather information, before making a purchase.

Increase in Profits: Our qualified writers will write informative and interesting articles, explaining the products and services you are selling. This will give confidence to your targeted audience and they will be more inclined to make a purchase. Hence, you will see a considerable increase in your profits.

Social Bookmarking Service

Social Bookmarking is one of the most popular tools for link building. Desiredsoft.Com has a team of professionals to provide the most amazing social bookmarking experience, ever.

Welcome to Desiredsoft.Com Social Bookmarking service – using bookmarking to popularize your website. Internet has become the second name for ‘socializing.’ People love to share their favorite pictures, videos, links and ideas with each other on various social network and bookmarking websites.

Now, most of you must be aware of the social bookmarking websites like,, Stumble Upon etc. All these websites allow users to bookmark their favorite Web Pages and share it with their friends and other users on the website. Users can add bookmarks under various categories and can provide tags and description to make the bookmarks easy to search.
How is Social Bookmarking used to promote websites?

Social bookmarking works on the principle of recommendation. People recommend their favorite websites to others, by adding links to these websites. Since, Social bookmarking websites allow users to see each others’ bookmarks; Social Bookmarking can be used as an excellent tool for internet marketing. By bookmarking the pages of a website, we can make it available for the people who are looking for information related to that category.

Each bookmark becomes a one-way link for the website and also helps targeted audience to reach the website.
Social Bookmarking helps a website in the following ways:

Increase in traffic: It draws the traffic from the social bookmarking websites to your website. Moreover, the traffic is more targeted since all the bookmarks are added according to their categories.
More One-Way Links: Social bookmarks create multiple one-way links for your website, in shortest amount of time.
Creates Network: Most websites allow users to share URLs posted by others, with their friends i.e., if somebody likes your bookmarks, he can share it with his friends and then the can share it with their friends. This helps you gradually reach thousands of people, without much effort.
Increase visibility of the website: Since the bookmarks are visible to everyone who visits the social bookmarking websites, it creates more visibility to your website and aids in creating a brand for yourself.
Reliability: Social bookmarking websites are for the people, by the people, which means, there are no sponsored or paid links. This makes such links much more reliable in the eyes of common user.
Increase in Search Engine Ranking: Increased number of incoming links and traffic may result in increased search engine ranking for the website. This is the main and most important motive of any link building tool; and social bookmarking websites fulfil it quite effectively.
Rise in Link Popularity: Social bookmarking websites let users search for websites with the help of a keywords, the links of your website becomes more visible and get more clicks.

But all these effects will only come through when social bookmarking is done in the most professional manner possible. Social bookmarking may look extremely simple, but it can be quite tricky, in terms of choosing the right websites, adding the right tags, keywords, description etc.

We at
Desiredsoft.Com provide a manual social bookmarking that’s unmatched in efficiency and accuracy with any other service available out there.
You must hire us to do your social bookmarking for following reasons:
  • We only do Manual Submissions. 
  • We save your precious time and energy. 
  • Our professionals will ensure that each submission is search engine   friendly. 
  • Our professionals provide appropriate keywords, description and tags to the content, to make it easily searchable. 
  • Our priority is to submit your links in High Page Rank sites. 
  • Most of Social bookmarking sites Page Rank will be between PR2 to PR9. 
  • We provide permanent links with 100% approval rates. 
  • We submit relevant and comprehensive descriptions and tags with each submission. 
  • We will create a separate account for you in every social bookmarking website. 
  • You can use up to 5 URLs, description and tags for social bookmarking 
  • We create bookmarks only in relevant social bookmarking websites.
Now, you must be thinking that there are so many social bookmarking services out there, why I must hire Desiredsoft.Com only? Well the answer to that doubt lies in your question only. There are probably thousands of social bookmarking services out there, but we provide you the trust, reliability and experience of Desiredsoft.Com – A trusted name in the field of link building.

Content Writing

Content is the most important part of a website. Desiredsoft.Com offers you an amazing content writing service that will help your website grow and flourish and achieve new heights.

If website designing is the body of a website, then content is the life-blood that flows through it and keeps it up and running. Desiredsoft.Com has hired some of the best writing talents in the country to provide content that’s not impressive, but Search Engine friendly too.

Creating the content for a website can be a tricky thing. One has to gather all the information, decide a tone and voice for the website ensure factual, grammatical and spelling accuracy and above all, it should be original.

With our Content Writing Service, you will never have to worry about any of this. We provide a complete content writing service which will take care of all your content requirements, from A to Z.

We provide:
  •     Web pages
  •     Articles
  •     Blogs
  •     Product Descriptions etc.

Content is one of the basic necessities of any website. You communicate your ideas, views, sales pitch and everything else through it. Obviously, it needs to be the best quality possible, or you website will fail to meet its purpose. No matter how good the design and graphics your website has, if it doesn’t have the right content, it can never grow.

Hence, you must make sure that whatever you put on your website as content, is original, well-written and brings respectability and credibility to it.

Essential qualities of Content
  • Originality: Some website owners try to save few bucks by copying content from two-three other websites. But original content is one of the most important prerequisites of a website. Copied content not only fails to deliver the right message to the audience, but it can also get the website banned or sued.
  •  Search Engine Optimized: Website content needs to have the right keywords to make it search engine friendly. The content must include all the relevant keywords at the right place, so that your website gets good ranking.
  •  Accuracy: Content that has mistakes in grammar or spellings or has factual errors can deeply hurt the credibility of a website. Thus, it is the responsibility of the writer to check and recheck the content before posting on the internet.
  • Easy to understand: The content should be written in the manner that anybody can understand it easily. A good writer can assure that even the most difficult and technical things are written in the easiest language possible. A website that’s hard to understand or uses big words, fails to get huge amounts of traffic.
  • Informative: Content should be, no doubt, entertaining and conversational. But most importantly, it should be informative. People visit a website to get information and that’s what the content should provide.
  • Right tone: The tone of the website and content should match each other. For example, if a website is targeted towards youth and has a young tone, then content should also be written in the same manner. provides you a Content Writing service that has all these essentials. We have a team of talented writers who have experience in writing on almost every topic under the sun.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Android Mobile Applications, Android Training Institute Bhopal

Android Training Program

Android works as software heap for mobile devices by including middleware, operating system and key applications.  Android software development kit offers tools ad APIs which are essential to roll the ball of developing any application within android platform. Android offers open development platform which help developers to build ground-breaking and exceptionally affluent applications. Developers can easily benefit from device hardware, run background services, access location information, add notifications to the status bar, set alarms and to a great extent. Developers can have full admittance over the identical framework APIs used within core applications. This application architecture is especially designed to simplify the reuse of components and one application can benefit by using the capabilities published by another one. This same method allows components to be reinstated by a further user. Due to the use of diverse components of c/c++ library in android system, developers are exposed through android application framework.  All android applications run their own progression with its own illustration of the Dalvik virtual machine. Dalvik can run a range of VMs very efficiently. Executable files of Dalvik VM executes with .dex format which is solely optimized for negligible remembrance trail. VMs are run classes which are register based and compiled by java language compiler and transformed into the .dex format by dx tool. Our android training program includes advanced learning by covering every area of android platform.
Eligibility Criteria:

This Training program is especially designed for the students of BE/BCA/ MCA which have good commend over database and other programming languages.

Location: Zone-1, M P Nagar, Bhopal (MP)